Yakima Custom Rack Install on Truck Topper

12 03 2009

Here at Rack Attack we install many racks directly to truck toppers, tonneau covers and bed rails of pickups. Here a 2006 Toyota Tacoma is pictured with a Yakima Control Tower system mounted directly to the fiberglass topper. Parts used were the Yakima Control Tower, Yakima Landing Pad 6’s, 58″ Yakima crossbars and a 4 pack of Yakima SKS lock cores. If you have a topper and have been looking for a good way to carry gear,bikes, skis, snowboards, canoes, kayaks, or lumber this is it. If you are hesitant about performing the installation yourself, you can bring it into any of our shops for a guarenteed install. If you are a bit more hands on, yet still have a few questions feel free to drop us a line at 888-399-rack

Yakima custom install on truck topper

Yakima custom install on truck topper

Yakima Landing Pad 6

Yakima Control Tower

Yakima 58″ Load Bars

Yakima 4 Pack of SKS Locks

Yakima Custom Install on Truck Topper Rear View

Yakima Custom Install on Truck Topper Rear View

2008 Toyota Tacoma custom roof rack with ski carrier

7 03 2009

This custom rack can be applied to almost any vehicle, not only the 2008 Toyota Tacoma. It starts with a track system that is permanently installed on the roof. The advantages of the track are that it increases weight capacity and allows the bars to slide forward and back so that they can be positioned with a variety of bar spreads. Then comes a crossbar setup which attaches into the track. This particular one uses Yakima Landing Pad 1’s attaching to the 54″ track. Yakima Control Towers on top of the Landing Pads and 58″ crossbars. The Yakima Fat Cat 6 ski and snowboard rack is then attached to the crossbars. This ski and snowboard rack can carry 4 snowboards or six pairs of skis, even wide boards or skis.

Custom tracks with ski/ snowboard rack.

2008 Toyota Tacoma - Yakima Roof Rack

Yakima 54″ tracks
Yakima Landing Pad 1’s
Yakima Control towers
Yakima 58″ bars
Yakima Fat Cat 6
Yakima Lock Cores

Toyota Tacoma w/ tracks and Fat Cat 6

2008 Toyota Tacoma - Yakima FatCat 6

This rack requires some drilling to attach the track to the roof of the vehicle and then the rest of the components are attached on and are removable. This type of install takes about 1-2 hours to install.


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