Whispbar Roof Racks

24 10 2011

This innovative, wind tunnel-tested family of products is, simply, the quietest, most aerodynamic and fuel efficient line of roof racks in the world. As stunningly beautiful as they are sturdily built, Whispbar by Yakima products are crafted for the outdoor-minded among us with a more discerning taste.

Here at Rack Attack we were the first to get our hands on this sweet new product.  To be truthful it’s actually just new to the US market.  Whispbar is a trusted name in the rack business based in New Zealand and Rack Attack sold this line before Yakima was able to  get their hands on it.  We are happy to offer these systems now under the Yakima line,  bringing a greater amount of stock and vehicle fits to the US.

The photos above are custom applications that Rack Attack does exclusively, these can be install at any one of our locations across the US .

Whispbar can also be self installed on vehicles with clip into the door applications as well as factory rack compatible applications like the ones below.

Be sure to visit rackattack.com or give us a call for any questions. 888-399-RACK (7225)


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