Yakima SkyBox LoPro 15

10 03 2009

The LoPro 15¬†box from Yakima is their top of the line cargo box. It allows for 15 cubic feet of storage with dimensions of 92″ L x 36″ W x 11.5″ H. It includes an integrated cargo net an pad to secure your gear. Also, the box has a solar powered system to light up the inside once the lid of the box is opened. Locks are included.

Here at Rack Attack we find the low profile design of this Yakima box to be just what those height conscious customers are looking for. Allows medium height SUV’s and crossovers to pull into garages and low overhangs without the fear hearing that dreaded crunch! Another nice feature on the Yakima LoPro 15 is the design of the rear of the box. The upward slope on the rear allows for the complete opening of the rear hatch on most vehicle. The cherry on top is all the accessories it comes with, built in solar light, cargo net, and a protective non-slip pad to keep your goods in place. The Cadillac of cargo boxes.


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