Jeep with Thule Hullavator Kayak Rack

14 04 2013

Jeep with Thule Hullavator Kayak Rack

2012 Mini Countryman Racked Out

13 03 2013


This Mini is set up to carry anything you may need.  We started with a Thule Aeroblade system composed of the 460R Rapid Podium Towers, Fitkit 4020 and a pair of 47″ Aeroblade load bars.  This system attaches to the factory installed flush mounted siderails.  Using the Aeroblade bars we are getting the highest weight capacity and the most aerodynamic option.

Mini Aeroblade Basket (2)

     To this base we added a couple of Rocky Mount Euro Pitchforks to carry the bikes.  The Euro Pitchfork mounts flush to the Aeroblade load bars and come in a whole rainbow of colors to match your ride.  The low profile design of this bike rack accommodates any style of bike you have.  If you have Thru-Axles on your fork, Rocky Mounts has you covered with the Driveshaft fork adapter.  Between the bike carriers we added the Yakima LoadWarrior to handle all the other gear you have to take along.  The LoadWarrior also has a ton of accessory options to add to it as well.  You can add the LoadWarrior Extension which will give you 18″ more space, cargo nets to hold everything down.  If you need to attach your Axe, Shovel, Hi-Lift Jack or Spare Tire there are also brackets for that.  Lights and locks are also another great add-on to the basket.

Mini Aeroblade Basket (3)

       This Mini is all set to carry anything, anywhere you need to go.  Stay tuned for more fun stuff from your favorite Denver Rack Attack.


2012 Ford Flex with low profile Inno Shadow 15 cargo box

8 03 2012

Rack Attack in Denver recently outfitted a 2012 Ford Flex with a low-profile, aerodynamic setup for carrying skis, snowboards, and other cargo.


72-inch tracks were custom installed on the roof of the vehicle, and Whispbar S16 crossbars with the K450 track fit kit.



In addition to the tracks and WhisperBar load bars, we installed the Shadow 15 cargo box.  The Shadow 15 sits only 10.4-inches above the crossbars, making it one of the lowest profile cargo boxes available on the market today.  Even though the Shadow 15 is low profile, it still gives plenty of room for skis, snowboards, camping gear, and other equipment.  





Thule tracks, WhispBar S16, K450 fit kit, and the Inno Shadow 15 cubic-foot capacity cargo box

Links for the components used:

Audi S4 WhispBar base rack and FatCat 6 ski rack

2 02 2012

Here at Rack Attack, we pride ourselves on outfitting our customers with not only functional racks, but ones that just plain look good, too.  We custom mounted a WhispBar base rack on this Audi S4 and added a Yakima Fat Cat 6 ski carrier to it as well.  

We custom mounted the base rack on this S4.  That means that we can do the same on your vehicle, even if it doesn’t have any factory mounting points!  For this particular vehicle, we used a Whispbar S3 with a K323 fit kit.  WhispBar is a subsidiary of Yakima, and so it carries the same warranty as Yakima products!

Speaking of Yakima products, here is a closer view of the Fat Cat 6 on top of the vehicle.  This particular rack can hold up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards.  More than enough for you and your buddies’ trip to the resort.

Rear 3/4 view of the ski rack

Overall, this is a great rack on a great car.  Low profile, quiet, sleek, and most importantly…useful.

Stay tuned for more of Rack Attack Denver’s adventures!

2012 Subaru WRX Whispbar Roof Rack

2 02 2012

This Brand new 2012 WRX has been outfitted with the latest and greatest from Yakima and Thule.


  We used the Whispbar S5 Flush Crossbar setup with the K368 Fitkit to integrate into Subaru’s preset mounting points.   This is the most aerodynamic crossbar available with virtually no wind noise.  Whispbar also uses an aluminum bar which holds up against the elements much better than steel bars, you can say good-bye to the rusted swollen bars of days past.  The result is a near factory looking rack with much higher weight rating and accessory compatibility.

 This particular car also has the Thule 92725 FlatTop 6 ski/snowboard carrier.  The Thule 92725 is capable of carrying up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards.  As well as the ski carrier you can also attach many Thule and Yakima  Bike, Boat and Cargo options. 

Stay Tuned for more creations from your friendly neighborhood RACK ATTACK!!

2007 Infiniti QX56 Custom Rack and Box

1 02 2012

This is THE solution for your 2004 – 2007  QX56 with the unusable factory rack sytem. 

  This particular QX56  is a 2008 and was needing a cargo box.  We started by installing a Thule TK14 Footpack kit, Thule 430 Tracker II tower,  a pair of 50″ Load bars nad a 4-pack of Thule Lock Cores

  The 430/TK system has a quick release feature to remove the bars in a matter a minutes once unlocked.  Using this system between the factory racks allows for a narrow enough bar spread that any Thule or Yakima box will attach.  This vehicle has the Thule 688BXT Atlantis 2100 in Gloss Black which provides maximum cargo capacity with great looks and aerodynamics.  Any Thule Ski, bike, or boat accessories can also be mounted easily to this crossbar. 


 Another great solution from your local Rack Attack.  Stay tuned for more fun setups.



2008 GMC ENVOY “Moosehead”

1 02 2012

This 2008 GMC Envoy is setup with the Ultimate kayak system. 

 We started by using the Thule 460 Podium footpack paired with Fitkit 3101 and 65″ Thule Load Bars to attach into the factory siderails on the Envoy. 

 From here we added a Hullavator on each side of the system.  The Hullavator is a load assist kayak rack that will lift the boats from waist height to the top of the vehicle with little effort on the users part. 

The Hullavator is capable of carrying/loading boats up to 36″ wide and 75lbs.  The Hullavator portion is easily removable when not in use as to not interfere with low clearances.  

The base system is also capable of accepting any Thule Ski, Bike or Cargo accessories as well as many Yakima and Inno products.  Just another little creation from Rack Attack

Stay tuned to see what other fun systems we have come up with.


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