Audi S4 WhispBar base rack and FatCat 6 ski rack

2 02 2012

Here at Rack Attack, we pride ourselves on outfitting our customers with not only functional racks, but ones that just plain look good, too.  We custom mounted a WhispBar base rack on this Audi S4 and added a Yakima Fat Cat 6 ski carrier to it as well.  

We custom mounted the base rack on this S4.  That means that we can do the same on your vehicle, even if it doesn’t have any factory mounting points!  For this particular vehicle, we used a Whispbar S3 with a K323 fit kit.  WhispBar is a subsidiary of Yakima, and so it carries the same warranty as Yakima products!

Speaking of Yakima products, here is a closer view of the Fat Cat 6 on top of the vehicle.  This particular rack can hold up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards.  More than enough for you and your buddies’ trip to the resort.

Rear 3/4 view of the ski rack

Overall, this is a great rack on a great car.  Low profile, quiet, sleek, and most importantly…useful.

Stay tuned for more of Rack Attack Denver’s adventures!

2012 Subaru WRX Whispbar Roof Rack

2 02 2012

This Brand new 2012 WRX has been outfitted with the latest and greatest from Yakima and Thule.


  We used the Whispbar S5 Flush Crossbar setup with the K368 Fitkit to integrate into Subaru’s preset mounting points.   This is the most aerodynamic crossbar available with virtually no wind noise.  Whispbar also uses an aluminum bar which holds up against the elements much better than steel bars, you can say good-bye to the rusted swollen bars of days past.  The result is a near factory looking rack with much higher weight rating and accessory compatibility.

 This particular car also has the Thule 92725 FlatTop 6 ski/snowboard carrier.  The Thule 92725 is capable of carrying up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards.  As well as the ski carrier you can also attach many Thule and Yakima  Bike, Boat and Cargo options. 

Stay Tuned for more creations from your friendly neighborhood RACK ATTACK!!


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