Volkswagen Phaeton custom Thule Rack

29 04 2009

Volkswagen Phaeton RackFor this application we start with permanently installing Thules TK14 . Then 430R Rapid Tracker feet are added as well as a pair of RB47 crossbars. A 872xt fairing was then added on the front bar to reduce wind noise. Finally a 91725 Flat Top ski/ snowboard rack was added. With this type of setup you also have the ability to add bike racks, cargo carriers, watersports accessories, etc.. OPnly the TK14 parts are permanently installed so the rest of the rack can be removed and reinstalled very quickly. See for more info.

Thule 916 T2 Bike rack

15 04 2009

The Thule 916 T2 Bike Rack  is a great solution for those who want to carry their bikes with a rack that does not make contact with the bike frame. The way this works is that you set your bike in wheel trays and there is an arm that grabs down on the front wheel in front of the bike fork.  The boke rack will carry 2 bikes or you can add-on the Thule 918 Add-On to carry a total of 4 bikes.

Thule 916 T2

Thule 916 T2

T2 with add-on ( 4 bikes)

T2 with add-on ( 4 bikes)

You can add some theft prevention security to the rack by adding lock cores into the arms which will then lock down onto the tires they are holding. You also have the option of adding Thules STL2 lock, which locks the bike rack to your vehicles hitch. The THule 916 T2 is designed to work with vehicles that have a Class III – 2 ” hitch receiver, however the Thule 917 T2 will work fo Class II- 1 1/4″ hitches. The 917 T2 will carry a total of 2 bikes and does not have the add-on option. Visit for more info.

Thule Atlantis 1600xt Cargo Box

15 04 2009

The Thule Atlantis 1600xt Cargo box is one of the most versatile roof top cargo boxes we offer here at Rack Attack. It allows for skis/snowboards up to 185cm to fit inside as well as having plenty of width and height to allow for suitcases, golf bags, etc.. Also because the box is in the mid range of sizes (not too long), it provides a great fit for most vehicles with rear hatch openings to raise completely without hitting the cargo box. Great for Subaru Outbacks, Lexus SUV’s, as well as a number of other vehicles. This cargo box has a glossy finish and is available in black or silver. It includes locks, universal attachment hardware, and opens from both the drivers or passengers side of the vehicle.

Yakima RackandRoll 78 Trailer

9 04 2009

The RackandRoll 78 Trailer high performance trailer for carrying kayaks , cargo, bikes or whatever it is your looking to haul. Works with Class I, II, and III hitches and attaches to a 1-7/8″ ball.  The trailer can tow up to 250 lbs. and has shock absorbers for cushioning loads. It can also be used as a hand cart. The trailer includes 78″ Yakima crossbars so its easy to attach accessories. If your handy with common tools it takes about an hour to assemble. These trailers have an aluminum finish and alloy wheels to add style and includes locking levers to prevent theft. Can stand upright for easy storage and can also hang on the wall. Check out for more info.





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